Excess Weight and Its Risk to People with Diabetes


Maintaining a healthy weight is essential to living a healthy life, especially if you have diabetes or any other health condition. Some data suggest that fat cells are more insulin resistant than muscle cells. People with type 2 diabetes who exercise appear to have less severe insulin resistance because their muscles use up the additional blood sugar, which prevents the body from producing insulin and prevents the sugar from being transferred to their fat cells.

Access Health Physician Services is a trusted urgent care center in Florida that dedicates quality service to improving the overall wellness of our patients. As such, we offer a reliable weight loss program guaranteed to guide you throughout your health journey.

As part of our program, our physicians in Jensen Beach, Florida, advise our clients to follow a routine that they can do every day. Here are some of our tips.

Firstly, never skip the most crucial meal of the day. Due to hunger, you might find yourself nibbling throughout the day. You’ll experience longer periods of feeling full by increasing your intake of natural sources of important vitamins and minerals. Additionally, eat foods high in fiber to aid with digestion.

Exercise is also required to gradually lose those extra pounds. Cardio activities are encouraged by our medical professionals to keep your heart pounding. Drink plenty of water while doing this. Dehydration is avoided, and snack desires are decreased.

Last but not least, watch your portions. There should be discipline. Don’t limit your food intake. Eat fewer sweets and carbohydrates and more fruits, vegetables, and protein as an alternative.

For more diabetes management tips, our healthcare services would be more than delighted to help out if you need professional guidance and assistance.

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