How to Manage and Reduce Your Sprain Pain


Sprains typically happen to the ligaments in the thumb, ankle, and wrist. Pain, swelling, stiffness, and decreased movement are common symptoms of sprains and strains.

Even if many people don’t consider sprains as something you need to manage immediately, you may have to go to a medical facility like our urgent care center in Florida when an injury is serious.

In providing primary care for sprains, possible severity levels exist for a sprain: I, II, and III. When they reach grade III, it means that the soft tissues in the body have been completely ripped and may require surgical repair.

If you get a sprain and can’t visit our physicians in Jensen Beach, Florida, you can do the following first aid measures to reduce the pain:

  • Put ice on the sprained area.

    To reduce or avoid swelling, wrap ice in a towel and apply it to the damaged region.

  • Compress the sprain.

    Wrapping your sprained body part up can help reduce the pain, but ensure not to compress it too much to avoid increasing the pain.

  • Get some rest.

    Taking an adequate amount of rest can reduce the inflammation in the wounded area while you wait to receive urgent care.

Of course, our medical professionals at Access Health Physician Services still recommend those who have a sprain see a doctor for assistance if the symptoms worsen during the first 24 hours. You’re more than welcome to visit our clinic when needed!

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