Why Should You Get an Electrocardiogram or ECG?


You see them on TV shows, movies, or news segments whenever getting sports or healthcare screenings are the topic or heart disease is featured. But what exactly is an ECG, and why is it a good idea to get one from time to time?

We would like to answer these questions today. As your trusted group of physicians in Jensen Beach, Florida, Access Health Physician Services is always offering you relevant information about keeping you and your loved ones on top of your state of health.

The electrocardiogram, or ECGs, is a fairly common diagnostics test done by medical professionals. Using an array of electrodes attached to wires, it records the electric signals coming from the heart at a set amount of time, measuring the rate and rhythm. The recording can then be printed out or observed by a specialist to determine the state of your heart.

ECGs can detect heart rate abnormalities (better known as arrhythmias), blockages in the cardiac tissue, damage from a heart attack, or, for those who have pacemakers or had corrective surgery, how well they’re responding to treatment.

Should you get an ECG? Typically, you will be asked by your healthcare provider to get one as part of regular monitoring if you have heart disease, heart attacks, or a high risk of cardiovascular illness due to family history, certain conditions that cause internal defects, and lifestyle.

You may also get an ECG at our urgent care center in Florida as part of your routine check-ups and especially if you experience the following:

  • Heart palpitations
  • Dizziness, shortness of breath, or loss of focus or balance with or even without physical exertion
  • General fatigue
  • An unusually low or high heart rate

Take care of your heart. For more information about our screening and lab diagnostics services, give us a call today.

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