Why Is It Important for Employees to Get a Drug Test?


The use and abuse of illegal drugs harm the workplace. It not only reduces a company’s productivity and income but also puts personnel at risk. Employers may now test for illicit drug usage and apply methods to achieve drug-free workplaces. Here are some of the reasons why employees should be drug tested.

  • Safety

    Drug usage can impair judgment and raise safety concerns. This is especially problematic in certain areas, such as construction, where taking drugs or alcohol at work can result in harm or even death. Furthermore, drug testing performed by medical professionals has been shown to improve the quality of life for employees and their families.

  • Performance

    Workers under the influence of narcotics may struggle to stay focused, allowing their minds to wander to concerns unrelated to their profession. Employers can utilize drug testing at Access Health Physician Services to target employees.

  • Productivity and Profits

    Missed deadlines and low attendance might result from substance misuse or addiction. Profits will be reduced if productivity declines. Finally, it is crucial to recognize that drug addiction contributes to up to 40% of employee theft, which is a further drain on revenues.

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