Understanding the Different Levels of Care

Understanding the Different Levels of Care

We always hear about the term “primary care,” and it makes us wonder. Since there’s such a term, does that mean there are others, such as secondary care and so on? As an urgent care center in Jensen Beach, Florida, we can say that there are indeed other levels of care.

Medical professionals usually talk about different levels of care in the healthcare field. And today, we’re going to explain each of them to give you a better picture. There are a total of four (4) levels of care, and these are the following:

  1. Primary care – This level of care refers to the first point of contact for the patient and the healthcare system. Here, the patient shares their symptoms with the healthcare practitioner, and the practitioner attempts to resolve the issue.
  2. Secondary care – Specialists must treat ailments that are not treatable in primary care. The specialists have specific training to treat these conditions.
  3. Tertiary care – In this level of care, the patient is hospitalized to provide a higher level of specialized care with equipment and teams of healthcare professionals.
  4. Quaternary care – For cases that are not treatable in tertiary care due to rarity or difficulty, quaternary care comes in. At this level, very specialized hospitals treat these patients.

Now that you know the difference in each level of care, you can better understand what physicians in Florida mean when they mention those.

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